Ms. Toni McMahon

Ms. Toni McMahon


Ms. McMahon was born, raised and currently live on the east cost of Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her love for nature and adventurous life has enabled her to spend every moment she can afford, traveling, meeting new people, learning new culture as well as languages. The best experience of her life has been when she traveled to the rural village of Attiak in Northern Uganda in 2011.

Attiak is in its recovery after a decade of civil conflict between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda. On April/ 20th 1995, the LRA attacked Attiak killing over 250 people in a single night massacre. A week after the massacre, over 20 people were killed at Palabel still Attiak. Apart from these inhuman killings, many other atrocities that took place in Attiak were unaccounted for including those abducted especially the children and youth.

Meeting with the women’s survivor of the Attiak massacre was a learning experience and a life changing moment to me. Working with the women showed their dedication to the peace recovery despite their lost. My time in Attiak also strengthened my beliefs on educating girls. I believe that girls deserve to be educated and empowered. Empowerment gives girls and women the opportunities to make choices for their lives. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me that women can run the world when given the opportunity.

I believe that my life experience, and love for children will greatly benefit the community of Attiak and also contribute to the peace recovery. I want to be a part of this process for the women, girls, and children of Attiak.

The Lutino Adunu Library project is the most logical project for the children who have been robbed of their own freedom. It’s important that community leaders at difference capacity join hands in creating a safe environment for children. I therefore hope that community leaders, men, and women of Attiak join the Lutino Library Project in creating a safe environment for their children. Lutino, “A Positive Place for Children”!

I believe girls need to be educated because when girls are educated, they are empowered. Empowerment gives opportunities to make choices for their lives. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me that women can run the world.