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“Inspiring young population through Education”
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Lutino Adunu Sponsorship Project has focused on four main initiative: keeping girls in school, sensitizing community on the importance of educating girls as well as sexual health, and economic development. Lutino Adunu has developed initiatives to assist girls in successfully completing their education. These programs include child sponsorship and mentorship.

Lutino Adunu Mentorship Project is a one on one girl-to-mentor relationship built to help poor rural Ugandan girls attend school and work toward achieving their dreams. Each rural Ugandan girl sponsored is connected to a local mentor to help guide them. Lutino Adunu Scholarship is overwhelmed with number of applications from young and smart girls seeking sponsorship. Hundreds of applications from highly motivated but poorest-vulnerable girls who we are currently are unable to support due to lack of funds are pending. If you can sponsor a child in a boarding primary school, please help.

Lutino Aduno Mentorship project has play a significant role in helping girls and educating the community on the importance of girl child education. The community has learned to appreciate girls’ education and have joined hands in advocacy for the rights of girls to go to school. We are very grateful to the sponsors, mentors, individuals, schools, groups, and partners who have joined us to support girl child education.

Sponsorship is incredibly powerful to help disadvantaged children to break the bonds of poverty in HIV/AIDS affected community in Northern Uganda. It connects you with a child who desperately needs your help and lets you provide life changing benefits to that child for a low monthly contribution. Through sponsorship, you have a chance to build a lifetime friendship with an impoverished child, one that will alter the course of his or her and would have prevented early child marriage.

In near future, Lutino Adunu plan to construct a model school in which vulnerable children will be awarded scholarship on a need basis while other shall pay a fee that shall be determined by the board to cater for the maintenance and running costs of the staff and other administration

3 ways to contribute to the education program:

  • Sponsorship a child: For annually donation of $600 ($50 per month)
  • Scholarship Fund: The scholarship fund is perfect for people who wish for their donation to remain anonymous, or who wish to contribute to the education of children, particularly girl child education but not necessarily with the whole amount
  • Donate: To the construction of a proposed Girl Boarding Primary School
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