Atek Pads Project

“Atek Pads, restoring dignity to empower women and girls.”
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Atek Pads is a project of Lutino Adunu, a community-based organization established to promote learning through community libraries, sponsorship and the establishment of a model school to rebuild the lives of children in post-conflict northern Uganda. Our goal in the Atek Pads project is to provide quality reusable pads to restore hope and dignity to women and girls in Nwoya District.

For girls and women of Uganda, their periods are cause for much shame. This fear of leakages causes many female students to miss up to two weeks of school every month, which results in them falling behind in school work or to even drop out completely, eliminating the only possible opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Research has indicated that Nwoya District leads in early child marriages in Uganda. Unfortunately, a link was observed that connected not having proper sanitary protection to girls marrying older men. Older men provide such “luxuries” – items to wear during menstruation – in exchange for marriage to girls of very tender ages.

Atek Pads will provide locally made, quality and affordable sanitary towels that can be used for up to 12 months. We aim to create a sustainable, self-sufficient business that will provide the products to women and girls in Nwoya District and surrounding areas.

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